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Dangers Hiding In Your Residential Trash Bins That You Don't Even Know About

Residential trash bin dangers
Everyone understands the importance of getting trash collected and outside of your house for disposal. You wouldn't want to live with trash collecting in your home for long periods of time, right? Yet, if you're not bothering to schedule routine trash bin cleaning, you're still putting yourself and your family at risk of exposure to contaminants. A service like recurring residential trash bin cleaning is meant to keep your garbage receptacles clean so you're not harboring germs, bacteria, and pathogens in your home. Even if you leave your trash cans in the garage or outdoors, you're still putting yourself at a higher risk than households with regular trash can washing.

Your Trash Isn't Entirely Gone

We like to think that once the garbage truck pulls away from in front of our curb and transports the trash to the landfill, that's the end of it. Gone and good riddance! Then ask yourself this - would you be willing to touch the inside of the trash cans left sitting outside waiting for you to wheel them back into your garage? More than likely, the answer is no, and for good reason - the interior of your garbage bins is still filthy. The debris and sludge left behind are disgusting, to say the least, and nothing you should want to expose yourself to. But why would you live with something that dirty in or even near your home? Without routine garbage bin cleaning, your receptacles are breeding grounds for:

  • E. coli
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella
  • Mold

In other words, your trash bins still pose a health threat to you and your loved ones even if you're not coming in contact with them other than to throw out trash or cart them to and from the curb. Plus, lingering trash will attract pests and leave a cloud of foul odors surrounding and permeating your home.

Changing The Dynamic & Removing The Threat

Hydro-Works is here to help you keep your trash cans clean. Our services will have your waste bins looking as good as new. You may not want to eat off the surface, but at least you'll know we create a surface that is clean and sanitary. It's never been more important to focus on good health and avoid exposure to bacteria and other illness-causing contaminants. For superior trash bin cleaning service in Jackson, give our company a call.